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 Fiona's Story

Love is a four legged word


Princess Fiona

Princess Fiona was found by a local firefighter who asked if we could take her in.  She was a very sick little kitten... very emaciated (thin) and depressed.  But with a lot of loving care (and food!) from our doctors and staff, she filled out and is a real "ball of fire"!  She immediately won her way into our hearts and we knew she was definitely here to stay!!

We held a "Name Our Kitty" Contest and we received many great name ideas, but when we saw the submitted name "Princess Fiona", we knew we had a name that suited her perfectly!  While she is so sweet and definitely acts like a princess ("what else may we get for you, your highness?"), she can turn into a real ogre at times (chewing up bags of dog food, eating our plants...)!  She adores cuddling with her SHREK doll... And of course she DOES have those gorgeous green eyes!!! 

These days, you can find her lounging in our windows, on the backs of chairs, or harassing her "guests" for treats. Some days, she will even "allow" our clients to pet her royal head. Just keep in mind... she is a princess, so she expects to be handled with gentleness, care, and grace!

  Princess Fiona MemorialUPDATE: It is with heavy heart that we share that Princess Fiona crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on Dec. 28, 2020. She was very much a part of our RAH family and the Rialto and surrounding communities. We should all be so lucky as to be loved by so many. May you rest in peace Fiona... until we meet again.