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Wellness Care Visits

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Congratulations on taking such AMAZING care of your fur-kid by staying on top of their care through wellness visits! Regular wellness care visits are the the most important thing you can do as a pet parent to help provide them a long, happy, and healthy life.

Please read below about all of the important information and preventive care that we will discuss together with you during your visit with our team. Dr. Schroer even demonstrates in the video below what these visits entail!


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Keeping Your Pet Healthy with Important Care


1) Wellness Exams (1-2x/year) – Pets age much faster than us (~7 years for every human year!) and they can’t tell us when something hurts, so it is important to monitor for conditions common with aging. We examine pets <7 years of age yearly or twice yearly for senior pets >7 years of age.

2) Oral Examination (1-2x/year) – Did you know most pets begin showing signs of dental disease at the age of 3?!  If left untreated, dental disease can lead to pain & inflammation, loss of teeth, and can lead to a shortened life span. This is why we examine their teeth at every wellness visit!

3) Vaccinations (See schedule) – Regularly scheduled checkups & vaccinations are the very best way to protect your fur-kid & avoid costly, critical care in the future.

  Dogs: 1) DA2PP (Parvo/Distemper) 2) Rabies If social, 3) Bordetella 4) Influenza 5) Leptospirosis

  Cats: 1) FVRCP 2) Leukemia and 3) Rabies

4) Lab Work (Yearly) – Lab work gives us an inside look at your pet’s internal organ health, helping us to catch problems early and possibly prolong their life & health. Routine screening also gives us a baseline and allows us to identify important trends if your pet becomes sick and as they age.

5) Internal & External Parasites (Ongoing Protection Needed) - Parasites must be identified and treated to keep your pet healthy, comfortable, and safe. Not only are they creepy-crawly, but many parasites can cause severe health issues if left untreated. Some parasites can also cause illness in humans, so bringing in that poop sample helps to protect your pet AND your family!

6) Heartworm (Year-Round Protection Needed) – Heartworms are HERE and are transmitted by those pesky mosquitoes! Their bites transfer heartworm larvae into the bloodstream where they travel to the heart and cause life-threatening disease. Protection for dogs is a once yearly injection of Proheart or regular monthly doses of Simparica Trio; for cats, we recommend Revolution Plus.

7) Microchip – If you haven’t already, please consider this! Microchips are simple to do and have helped reunite thousands of families with their pets (even the ones that “never get out”!)

8) Medications – If prescribed, medications should always be taken as prescribed. Please ask if you have any questions and let us know if your pet needs any refills while you are here!

9) Diets – Each stage of your pet’s life has specific nutritional needs and, unlike the chubby pets below, it is important to keep your pet at a healthy weight! Feed quality foods with the AAFCO label and avoid feeding calorie-rich treats and table-scraps.

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